Real Estate Photography Tips from a Professional Photographer

Last week we had the pleasure of speaking to Anthony Barcelo, an Architectural Photographer in Los Angeles. Anthony photographed the infamous Brady Bunch House when it went for sale in August 2018 and has photographed hundreds of homes within the Los Angeles area. When we sat down with Anthony we broke down the process of booking, setting appointments, determining the best time to photograph a home, and the new trend of curating photos for real estate.

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When booking a home to photograph Anthony usually sets the appointments based on the best natural light for the home. If you have a home to photograph, check out SunCalc.Org as a resource for sun trajectory for your home. You’ll find that 10:00-11:00AM is the best time to photograph most homes. He always photographs beach front properties before 3:00PM so the sun doesn’t glare on the home and ruin the shot. He also asks if the home has a view and what direction the best view is from the home, if a home has a great East facing view, that home should be photographed later in the day.

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Anthony shared with us the best room to de-personalize to ensure buyers picture themselves in the home versus feeling like they are intruding in your home space, the kitchen. The kitchen is usually the most personal space in a home so it tends to be overcrowded. He recommends removing all of the kitchen gadgets from the countertops other than a coffee pot, knife block, or fruit bowl. You want to make sure to leave the kitchen neutral to appeal to the most buyers.

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Recently, Anthony started doing staged lifestyle architectural photography that incorporates how a space could be used. This is as easy as having a computer on a desk or a cheese plate on the table. Touches like these help people envision what they can do in each space within the home. Lastly, he shared his love for detailed shots that zoom in on the objects in a space while having a beautiful background to capture the viewers attention. He shared a raw photo with us below!


Follow Anthony on Instagram for beautifully curated architectural photos! If you’d like to book him to photograph one of your listings, visit his website!

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