Transforming Your Unused Space

We’re sharing how we transformed our traditional formal dining space into an updated “man cave!” If you follow home design trends, you know that open concept design is extremely popular. Open concept design began in the late 1970’s and has increased in popularity in the past decade. This design element creates an open space in your home that includes your entry, living, dining, and kitchen space with no walls in between. 


With older home building trends, you would see each of the main rooms in the home traditionally with doors and walls separating each room. If you have a home that has separate rooms for each space and you don’t necessarily want a formal living or dining space, one idea is to turn your unused room into a themed room! 


We created a “man cave” or “theatre room” with 3 tv’s on the wall, architectural beams, stone work, and an extra-large fireplace; this room is perfect for a cozy family night in! Although we prefer to play Hallmark movies,  and our husbands prefer to watch sports games, our children usually win and we end up watching more family movies in the room than anything else! No matter what day, this room is now a room that we want to be in together and use weekly versus a formal space meant for only special occasions.

Diana DurhamComment