DIY Floral Bouquets


The one decorating tip we love most is bringing in floral arrangements into our home. Fresh flowers make your space more inviting. Whether you are entertaining or just get to enjoy the flowers on your own. Purchasing floral arrangements can get very pricey and since we like to update florals bi-weekly, we started buying flower bundles at Trader Joes – they always have a large selection and are the first to carry peonies (Ari’s favorite flower) when in season! We purchase 1-2 bundles of flowers and separate them into different floral arrangements and add greenery from our own gardens to make the flowers go further! 


We like to display flowers on our dining room table, in the kitchen, bathrooms, and in our master bedrooms. Picking flowers has become a fun activity that our girls are even requesting flowers for their own rooms. We love a decorating idea that can look beautiful and a fun activity to do with our girls! 



Some tricks we’ve learned to extend the life of our flowers:

-      Cut the bottom of the stems at a diagonal

-      Always cut off greenery below the water line

-      Add ice to the vase

-      Add 1 tsp. of sugar in place of flower food