Day Trip to Lido Marina Village

Last week we had a wonderful opportunity to visit Lido Marina Village, and although we’ve visited Newport Beach over one hundred times in our lives, we had never visited the Lido Marina Village. This beautiful area of Newport Beach is home to a few quaint shops and the absolutely delicious Malibu Farms!

We started our day with the best breakfast pastries at Honor Coffee Roasters! We shared a pistachio twist, chocolate croissant, and an almond breakfast roll. We totally indulged and it was so worth it!!

We spent the day walking around the village visiting shops and enjoying the beautiful weather. The streets are lined with string lights and every wall has a separate background of unique paintings or fascinating quotes. They have so many beautiful backdrops which makes it a 100% Instagram worthy place to visit! Here are some of the photos we took that day!

Overall this day was an absolute DREAM! We spent the day curating content with some of our favorite gal pals and dreaming about our next business venture! If you are in need of a good girls day or beach day, pay a visit to Lido Marina Village! We promise, you won’t regret it!