One-Night Getaway

With our hectic schedules and our husbands’ busy schedules, we always look for short one-night trips that give us time to reconnect as couples and have some friend time! Last week we did a one-night getaway on Coronado Island, in San Diego! The trip was about 100 miles from our home and only a 2-hour drive! 

We’re sharing a quick recap of our trip with the places we enjoyed visiting. We always love incorporating what we do into our trips, so looking up housing inventory and driving through neighborhoods is always on the top of our list! We guess, we’re lucky because we love what we do, and our husbands enjoy coming along for the ride! 

What to Eat

We found the most amazing authentic Mexican food restaurant that specializes in aguas frescas and blue corn tortillas that are made to order! The tacos were so flavorful, and the desserts were out of this world! The kid’s dessert was spectacular too, a chocolate ice cream taco, dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles!  


What to Drink

Our husbands are fans of local breweries, so we always look for unique local breweries to tour when we go anywhere new. Coronado Brewing Company has a good array of beers available – we loved the Orange Ave Whit! 


Where to Stay

Coronado Island Inn is the most breathtaking resort on the island, built in 1888 this hotel has so much character and charm and even has an elevator butler to help guide you through the hotel. This is a pricey hotel, but its definitely delivers on service and amenities. 

We’re Marriott members so we always stay at a Marriott Hotel if one is available and the beautiful Coronado Island Marriott Resort and Spa is an excellent and affordable alternative! 


On the Drive

If you plan on visiting anytime this Spring, be sure to stop by and view the amazing poppy super bloom! We had the chance of seeing this beautiful floral display up close and it was absolutely breathtaking! You can see the blooms from the freeway, but you can stop and hike the hillside and take an Instagram photo right off of the freeway. Located at: