Master Bathroom Backsplash Design

We recently completed our bathroom renovation, and although we picked out cabinetry, countertops, and knobs a long time ago, we had never completed our backsplash! So, when we decided to complete the backsplash in the kitchen, we figured it would be the perfect time to complete our bathroom backsplash as well!


We custom designed our master bath and took our time picking out each finish. From the custom wood cabinetry to the black handles we made sure everything would flow. It took us a long time to find the right tile, because we really wanted to keep the backsplash neutral but bold. After searching high and low and changing up the design a time or two, we decided on this white arabesque tile backsplash.


We found this tile at The Home Depot, and although we were told sheet tile wasn’t the easiest thing to work with, we thought this design was perfect for the space and went for it anyway! We love the final look of our bathroom and can’t wait to share other rooms in our home as we complete them!