Get to know us!


So, just so you all know, we’re not just a dynamic duo. We each have 2 girls (ages 3 & 5) and husbands! We’ve both owned brand new homes and are currently in fixer uppers! We have experience in owning both, and have lived through multiple housing projects!

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Diana & Patrick have been married for 6 years, they have 2 beautiful babies (Zoey 5 and Ava 3)and have been in their current home for 3 years. Their home features tons of fun feature walls that we will share with you in the future! 

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Ariana & Michael have been married for 5 years, they too have 2 beautiful babies (Emma 5 and Stella 3) and have been in their home for 1 year. Its currently still in the process of being renovated, so we’ll share that process with you all as well!

Now, you might say our lives are parallel, but our design style and homes are very different. We hope you guys like getting to know us, our design styles, and our passion for real estate! 

Austin Payne